Live action debut

To our tiny fig of a baby,

We woke up this morning to a flurry of communication on several technological platforms that will no doubt, be obsolete by the time you are old enough to read any of this. The first thing I saw as my eyes opened was a text message from my sister that instructing us to log onto this blog first thing. We opened the computer, signed in, and saw you move around on video for the first time! Sleepily rubbing our eyes and arms around each other, we watched the video 4 more times to better isolate your arms, legs and forehead, laughing over your gymnastics and when the doctor called you a wiggleworm...my nickname for you for now (your grandpa Sanders has been calling you little Fyodor for months, which might possibly stick as well). An hour later, at Quail Hill Farm (where we have been getting our vegetables this summer) I ran up to your dad in a tomato patch, threw my arms around him and yelled, "It just hit me...we saw our baby MOVE today!" What an exhilarating feeling, to know that this is all happening, and you exist, and are growing and changing every day, just as we are growing and changing right now to be the best possible parents we can be, for you. I think about you every minute, wondering and anticipating about every aspect of you.

In the meantime, wiggle all you want, but give your aunt a few breaks here and there...she gets cranky on too little sleep.

Your parents

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  1. I read and re-read this blog every day. It brings me joy. Alaina, I hope you are feeling well. Heidi, love you so much.